Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing and Crack Fill

We deliver crack sealing and crack fill services—truly the first line of defense against the degradation and eventual failure of pavement. Cracks allow moisture penetration from rain, snow, salt and ice, which erodes the base of your parking lot. As these harmful substances penetrate the subbase of the pavement, the cracks widen and eventually cause potholes.

Unrepaired potholes will chip away and become more severe pavement issues. This exposes you to serious liability. Among other risks, potholes are trip hazards to tenants, customers, and employees.

Crack sealing these gaps effectively stops the seepage of harmful substances and prolongs the life of your pavement. Proper crack sealing prevents issues from spreading while doubling the pavement’s service life. Proactive maintenance in the beginning stages of deterioration saves businesses money by delaying expensive pavement work.

Types of Cracks

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  • Block – Cracking forms a square pattern, intersecting approximately 90 degrees.
  • Reflective – When an existing crack/joint in the pavement structure reflects up through the surface.
  • Edge – Parallel-appearing cracks that are near the pavement’s edge.
  • Alligator – Flexible asphalt becomes less tolerable to vertical deflections over time. Tension is created, resulting in alligator-type-cracking.
  • Joint – Joint cracks are created from improperly bonded joints.

Crack Sealing Process
The first step to crack sealing is using pressurized air to clean the cracks. Obstructions, such as vegetation, are removed from the site with a grazing wheel. In more extreme vegetation cases a Taffa torch is used. For the final step a hot-applied rubberized joint sealant is applied to the cracks.

Crack routing is necessary in certain situations. Truck areas are strongly encouraged for routing as long as the cracks have not already been sealed. Repair methods depend on budget, pavement downtime, and crack type. A protective reservoir for the sealant material is created through crack routing.

Advantages of Crack Sealing

  • Preventative – Crack sealer is designed to seal cracks and joints from moisture.
  • Superior Material – Pavement Solutions uses a hot sealer when crack sealing. Cold sealer has a tendency to pop out of the crack from temperature changes.
  • Elasticity – Crack sealant moves along with the crack’s thermal movements.

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